Chicken Fajita, Slow Cooker Style. (Syn Free)

My first meal back at slimmers, I decided to do something I knew I would like. Chicken fajita, sans wraps, but with couscous instead. It was delicious. Ingredients. Serves 2..ish 2 large chicken breast (free) frozen peas (free) frozen sweetcorn (free) spinach (speed) frozen onion (speed) frozen peppers (speed) 400g can chopped tomatoes (speed) 1... Continue Reading →

1st Birthday Antics..

17th of January, it makes the special occasion of my daughters birthday, and in this case her 1st birthday. I'd already cried quite a lot at this point, how had my squishy potato that slept all the time turned into an almost walking, dada saying 1 year old?! Spending the night before preparing for her... Continue Reading →

Fuck it…lets get married..

It started back in May 2019, thats where we got Engaged. We were in york, in the best little Italian restraunt that we both loved the first time we went back in May 2018. (Yeah, we went back and forth to York, the first time, it was where we found out I was pregnant. The... Continue Reading →


Yes, I mean exactly what the title says. Periods. Or as we affectionately¬†call it in our house "shark week". Before getting pregnant, I was on the implant from the age of 17, and not once did I have a proper period. They, just didnt happen, didnt exist, and it was the best time of my... Continue Reading →

The christmas saga..

Chirstmas 2019, miss babies first christmas, and my first christmas hosting. All that equals stress. It started on christmas eve, where after feeling fine all week, completeing my pre guests clean I woke up on the 24th WITH THE WORST COLD AND FEELING LIKE GOD DAMN DEATH. To put it in perspective, I felt like... Continue Reading →

When boredom creates cake

The recipe used in this post Sometimes I'll be sat there, its during the day, the baby is occupying herself, I've scrolled through twitter, instagram, facebook etc a million and one times, I've drank my weight in coffee and I am now just bored. So, I bake. I love cooking, and have only really branched... Continue Reading →

Is November too early for christmas?

Thats when I put my christmas decorations up..Mid November. I have some mild regrets. I may have gotten a little overexcited.. Miss babies first christmas, and my love for christmas combined was just a recipe for disaster and early christmas decorations. It was totally worth it, until the infant decided to make a beline for... Continue Reading →

Just a trip down south

Back in August 2019, me and the little one travelled down south from our little home in the North West to visit my mum in the London Area. It was an amazing trip, but fuck the journey was long. At this point, miss baby was 7 months old, only a month into weaning, but very... Continue Reading →

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