Mum life and medication

I'm always the first one to admit, I've had mental health problems for as long as I can remember, I've seen the doctors, I've tried the medications, I've had the hospital visits. It's not something that I am (and no one else should be) ashamed of, I'll shout it from the rooftops if it gets... Continue Reading →

The irrational fear of toast

So if you'll join me on my weaning journey, I'll explain how the title above has some relevance. We started project wean when miss baby was around 5 and a half months old, beginning where most do, baby rice. So after our first successful but messy meal we felt ready to take on the world... Continue Reading →

The shit mix of soup

So the time has come where another illness has plagued our household again, the Red Cross is on the door, the lemsips are in the cupboard, and those inflicted are chilling on the couch. The person who is the target of the illness this time is not in fact the baby, but the boyfriend. So... Continue Reading →

Moving House – 2 weeks of hell

-Back in the middle of June, we got the call, we had a house we could view, a gorgeous little 2 bedroom, close to public transport, close to supermarkets...and it was a fucking house. We were coming from a tiny 1 bedroom flat, barely enough for 1 person, and here we were, 2 adults, a... Continue Reading →

Illness is sent to test you

We had our first battle with a bug. It was traumatic but we came out the other end only mildly scathed. Nothing prepares you for a stomach bug, or any bug for that matter, and with a 5 month old the panic button comes into play (so does google) The day starts like any other,... Continue Reading →

Not just a walk around the farm…

As your baby gets older and more aware, you can no longer plonk their sleeping form down and get on with your day, while they nap the time away happily. Oh no, we've reached the age where interaction is a must. I am already guilty of putting something on tv (usually some kind of YouTube... Continue Reading →

The battle that is sleeping

If you really tell the truth, even before your precious bundle of joy was here, your pregnant ass was preparing you for the sleepless nights with no comfortable sleeping positions because it felt like a marathon to just turn over and that fact your bladder felt like a punching bag with an endless supply of... Continue Reading →

Labour, it’s a journey in itself

When they say that everyone's story is different, they were not wrong. After mine and my boyfriends last date night over, a nice bath under my belt and freshly shaved legs (courtesy of said boyfriend cos at this point I couldn't see my feet let alone my legs) we were heading to bed for one... Continue Reading →

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